The zoos have very bad reputation, as the image of the zoo always leads to the cages, suffering animals and terrible “Hong Kong style” tightness. However, the Ocean Park is a different matter, as probably for the first time in my life, my heart did not sink.

Instead of suffering and sore animals, I saw completely happy and all-sufficient panda bears. They were indifferent in a good way: “You, people, can do whatever you want. I just keep eating my yummy bamboo”.

That is what you should know about panda:

Nope, not ice cream – never believe the ad
  • It eats a lot of bamboo – so, please, do not use disposable wooden chopsticks and save us from  deforestation, and panda from starvation.
Look how cute it is
  • The animation tells a plausible story, because pandas really eat all the time, but not dumplings. Bamboo.
  • Every day the bear needs to eat at least 20 kg of bamboo, while its digestive system  can use only 17% of the nutrients of the plant. So it chews. All the time!
Well, sometimes it stands up just to find another bamboo leaves. For sure, it tastes wonderful.
  • Pandas are lazy and hardly ever move, because they prefer to save energy.
  •  They most surprising thing that I’ve discovered is that hey have very warm fur, abecause their natural habitat is the mountains of Tibet and Sichuan where the weather doesn’t always treat you well.
  • By nature they are loners and start to look for a partner only during the mating season.  Now it’s very hard as two pandas very often separated from each other by civilization as people keep destroying the natural spots they live in.


  • The approximate weight of the new-born cub is just 1/900 of his mother. It is completely helpless and becomes more or less independent only at the age of 1, 5 years.
  • A panda gets pregnant only once in two or three years and delivers only one cub. Rarely there can be two cubs, but in that case, unfortunately, the mother almost always abandons the second one to give the first little bear better chance to survive.
  •  Nowadays, thanks to the work of volunteers and scientists, the number of bears has grown up a little bit.
Look how vulnerable I am 
  • Lets protect them: they are so cute and harmless, and therefore defenseless.