Earthquake in Chile

I am watching the video and trying to figure out the place. 

I can see the hashtags #tsunami and #earthquake

I can see the palm trees in the video – probably, the place should be somewhere in the South. 

When I click to the hashtag #antifagasta,  I receive some weird results like these: 


However, these strange ads are all written in Spanish language and a few of them contain the word “Chile”.

That’s something.

To be sure  I just google “Antofagasta”. 

I can see that this is the city, the port and the province in Chile. 

So if this is a port, the tsunami is possible. 

I can see the message from Storyful on the guy’s Instagram profile. I’m trying to google Storyful eartquake in Antifagasta, but there are no results. 

Now I am starting to pay attention to the date: “131 weeks ago”. 

I am looking for an online calculator of the days. This thing is real. 

That surprises me, but I keep going.

If you multiple 131 weeks to 7 days, you get the result.

It was approximately 917 days ago.

So it should be April 6 2014, Sunday

I find the website and see that the eartquakes are pretty common in this geograpcical area. There have already been 219 earthquakes this year.

So I google April 6 2014 Antifagasta eartquake and I see Wikipedia article:

“2014 Iquique earthquake”

I am not sure what Iquique is, so I google it.

It turns out that this is the city in the norhern Chile that is situated 1100 km from Santiago, the capital. 

Actually it is not very helpful as I cannot see how far it is from Iquique to Santiago.

So I google “Iquique Antofagasta distancia”

I can see that it is approximately 383,12 km419 kilometros.

Not far enough to escape a natural disaster.


But the epicentre in in 95 km from northwest to the opposite direction.

Such large earthquakes can have effects far away other than tsunamis.[25] A megathrust quake can shake the entire earth, but causes stronger movement and strain on the entire associated oceanic plate, beyond the few hundred kilometer rupture zone

I find the list of the eartquakes in Chile wiki page

However it is not there. Probably not a significant one

I google one more time antofagasta eartquake tsunami 2014

I can see a lot of articles from BBC, Guardian, CBS

And previous page Iquique

bingo they are connected

In the BBC news they say they prove my point that it is very common for this area

Back tot he video

I can the the bulding with columns in the video

I want to go to other videos of the guy if he has them

Wow I just paid attention to his bio Jorge Contreras Monardes

Padre, música y trabajo en tv detrás de cámara.

I think that’s a good sign that he works for the television

Ok 134 weeks ago

I can see the picture

I can see the sign Hospital del Salvador

So that’s the hospital

I found it in Google maps

Av. Salvador 364, Providencia, Región Metropolitana, Чили

the picture is from Oct. 2014

I’m going to the website

I found the next video where you can see the name of the building

I can see new hashtag #Terremoto and a lot of guys from NBC and other media offices asking permission to publish it. The guy gives his permission



Como llegar?


The address – Avenida Salvador?


Avda Argentina 1962, Antofagasta, Región de Antofagasta, Чили

Here it is!

проверить где чувак работает

i m lost as there are two buldings


On the website there is address


925 августа 2014; затем 24 ноября2 декабря 2014


I google the guy’s name Jorge Contreras Monardes

I find Canal14 Vive Chile Antofagasta Facebook page

They give him credit

corner prospect argentina