The university opens the doors for all the newcomers during the HKU Information Day

By Kristina Shperlik

JMSC Writer

HONG KONG , Oct. 30, 2016

On Saturday, Oct. 29 within the confines of the HKU Information Day, the school students had a chance to get acquainted with the Hong Kong University rules and traditions. The students and the faculty helped the potential recruits to learn more about the educational programs and the application process.

Although the event was designed not only for school students, they became the protagonists of the day, filling the aisles of the university in the uniforms of different colors.

“I find the environment very positive and helpful as I want to know as much as I can about the university to decide whether the level of education and the requirements are high”, said Zuki Ying, secondary 5 school student, who was standing near the HKU map, trying to find the way to the Faculty of Science. Ying visited the university with her classmate, Melody Mak. Both friends are considering HKU as one of the institutions for applying in 2018. Ying is interested in science, Mak – in business.

Jessica Lau, Spokane Falls Community College student, remarked that she was attracted by the teachers and the location, as the campus area was common for her, but she was also considering other local institutions such as the Chinese University and the University of Science and Technology.

Creative approaches were applied to help the guests to feel comfortable in the campus. The teams of underage students, dressed in the thematic T-shirts, were encouraged to participate in the team games lead by volunteers who are currently studying at HKU. A huge balloon dinosaur appeared on the crossway near main campus, holding in paws the sign with the directions to the Faculty of Science.

Parents waiting for their children found the installations interesting. “If I were applying now, I would definitely choose engineering”, said Patrick Chui, while examining a statue near the Faculty of Engineering with curiosity. Chui is the father of a senior who is considering law and architecture faculties at HKU as possible choices for a further education.

According to the statistics on the official website, 16,579 students were enrolled in the undergraduate programs in HKU in 2015/2016.

Photo credit: Baycres