 Expertise in writing analytical articles, conducting interviews, working with business and tech news

 Advanced computer skills in Excel, MS Office, PowerPoint, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator

 Excellent communication skills in Russian, English and Spanish

 Journalist with a passion for snooping out the truth

 Resourceful researcher, writer and reporter


Specialist of Science in Journalism (focus on editing and publishing), 2009-2014. Faculty of Journalism, Lomonosov Moscow State University (№1 according to EECA 2015; №25 in the THE World Reputation Rankings 2015; №1 in the various national ratings)

Degree with honours

Group monitor, leader of the class

An offer from the faculty to continue education at the postgraduate school

Scientific research:

Final qualifying paper:  Editorial As a Genre: A Study Of Russian and Spanish Publications May, 2014

Course papers:

 Translations of the book “Chronicle of a death foretold”: editor’s view March, 2013

 Violation of the laws of logic in the Cosmopolitan magazine January, 2012

 Subcultures of the 1950-1970s in the United States of America and their influence on Russia May, 2011

 Metaphors in the Itogi magazine November, 2009


 The protagonist and the world in Hermann Hesse’s novel “Steppenwolf” May, 2013

 Journalistic view as the main feature of the narrative of John Steinbeck’s novel “The Grapes of wrath” May, 2013

 Almanac “Polyarnaya zvezda” in 1823-1825 and its influence on The Decembrist revolt December, 2011


Freelance author Theories&Practice (the largest Russian online-media about modern science, art and education).

August 2015 – to present. 5 months

 Made tens of interviews with famous international scientists, philosophers and artists

 Increased the number of views and reposts of the readers

 Wrote the most popular article of October according to Pressfeed.ru (the most famous Russian online-source for media workers) rating

Business journalist Kontur.ru (online media about economics, business and corporate culture)

March 2014 –to present. 1 year 10 months

 Stimulated the growth of the audience three times up

 Covered start-up news and introduced new businesses

 Shared financial advice for young entrepreneurs from experts

Tech journalist

Apparat.cc (new experimental format of media about changing world, IT and new social trends)

August 2014 – January 2015. 6 months

 Participated in the restart of the magazine

 The author and creator of social column “Lifehack”

 Wrote reports on international topics

Freelance journalist Hopes&Fears (the largest Runet source about new business and entrepreneur philosophy)

September 2013- September 2014. 13 months

 Focused on social business

 Wrote a few stories about success of regional companies

Financial reporter Expert Media Company (huge media holding that operates through publishing, mainly financial journalism)

September 2013 – February 2014. 6 months

 Focused on financial news about retirement funds, franchising and insurance industry

 Took on full responsibility on finding sources and completing research

 Got an award for the best financial article of the year and a nomination for the best article about franchising

Local news reporter Moskovskie novosti (local newspaper about cultural and social life in Moscow, one of the biggest RIA Novosti news agency projects)

October 2012 –July 2013. 10months

 Started as a culture columnist, responsible for art events

 Covered cultural and social news about Moscow

 Created a few popular articles about the citizens

Honors & Awards:  The winner of the MEDIA-KAPITAL-2014, independent national prize for financial journalism (student nomination)

 The nominee of the SUBWAY PRIZE-2014, the best article about franchising

Volunteer experience:

AIESEC member since 2013

May-June, 2014 – Hveragerdi, Iceland. Ecological and environmental-friendly activity, anti-eating whale meat propaganda, international cooperation.

Organization: World Wide Friends

August-September, 2015 – Bazaleti, Georgia.

Economic and political discussions of the invented “16th USSR’s republic” on the post-soviet area.

Organization: Inliberty

Spoken languages: Russian (native), English (advanced, IELTS 7.5), Spanish (C1), currently studying French and Polish languages.

Professional interests: journalism, publicism, online media, Russian culture, post-soviet countries, ecological and economic activity of developing countries, writing, IT and start-ups, international integration, foreign languages teaching.

Personal interests: ballet dancer and illustration course student, amateur photographer, also interested in travelling (so far visited 9 countries), cooking, reading, sport (swimming and running), literature and art.


Interview with Barbara Oakley, a famous American scientist. “The formula of success: how math helps people to live”.http://theoryandpractice.ru/posts/11706-barbara-oakley

Brief article about Nassim Taleb’s lecture. “The real problem of Russia is brain drain, not ISIS”. http://theoryandpractice.ru/posts/11353-taleb.

Interview with Nathan Smith, the writer, Fresno Pacific University professor and the leader of OpenBorders organization. “7 reasons, why the world needs to open borders”. http://apparat.cc/world/openborders/

Short review about Bo Berlingem’s book “Small giants: companiesthat choose to be great instead of big”. “The best business is not necessary the biggest one”. https://lettera.co/small/.

Interview with the directors of social documentary films Olga Arlauskas and Nikita Tikhonov-Rau, the creatorsof the film about autistic girl. “Sonya will go further”.http://365mag.ru/cinema/sonechki_ne_v_aute

Magazine article about how national government turns pension funds into the stock corporations. “Forced transparency”.http://expert.ru/expert/2013/45/prinuzhdenie-k-prozrachnosti/.

Magazine articleabout new investment fund “Life franchising”. “The franchise on credit”. http://expert.ru/expert/2013/42/franshiza-v-pakete/

Business review for the online magazine. “Top-5 new business trends that will be popular in 2015”. https://kontur.ru/articles/1410.

Business review for the online magazine about the economic results of the year-2015. “Financial crisis in Russia: economic forecast for 2015”. https://kontur.ru/articles/1320

Story about Korean woman Park XX who have escaped from Pyongyang to South Korea. “My child has chosen wrong mother”. http://apparat.cc/human/defector-story-3/

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